Our portfolio




We feel privileged to partner with some of Australia’s best young businesses on their journey to becoming world-class companies.

Our Innovation Fund has significant experience investing across a wide range of sectors.



    Enboarder is transforming on-boarding into an ongoing, engaging experience, rather than a one-off event. They provide all the tools necessary to maximise employee engagement.


    Instaclustr are world leaders in managing Apache Cassandra database technologies, helping enterprises build and manage their Cassandra ecosystem. Their cloud-based solution provides businesses with a highly reliable way to implement Cassandra.


    Recomazing is a recommendation powered platform of businesses helping each other grow faster together by sharing recommendations for the best tools and services. Co-working communities around the world and business networks use Recomazing to find the best online tools and local suppliers as recommended by their trusted community members.


    Advanced Navigation designs, develops and manufactures sophisticated navigation technologies that combine inertial navigation with GPS/GNSS. Its highly accurate navigation devices are deployed across several industries and use cases including defence, automotive, marine, aerospace, underground, underwater navigation, robotics and unmanned vehicles.


    Assignar is a leading cloud based compliance, asset and workforce management platform for highly regulated industries. Developed from first hand experience and the need to solve the challenges within a fast growing construction service provider, Assignar rapidly gained interest from stakeholders in other highly regulated industries.


    Stream Lending is developing a platform which significantly reduces the time and cost incurred in assessing and approving commercial loans. Stream Lending's platform is used by several banks and financial institutions significantly enhancing the customer experience.


    EFTsure has developed a patent pending real time authentication and Payee Management platform which verifies the integrity of payee data. EFTsure’s banking software extension analyses payment details just prior to release of funds thereby continually checking the authenticity of payments and acting as gatekeeper for an organisation’s electronic payments.

  • Kasada

    Kasada is a cyber security firm that provides a cloud-hosted and scalable solution to detect and mitigate malicious bot attacks. Kasada provides protection against denial of service attacks, content scraping and account takeovers. By alleviating additional infrastructure expenses incurred from malicious bot attacks it provides its customers with immediate ROI.

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